For our third issue of Out Here, we journeyed right into the capital of Catalan, Spain’s second largest city; Barcelona. Known for its beautiful beaches, trademark Gaudi architecture and gothic cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, during our exploration we discovered just how much more the city still has to offer. Barcelona’s culture and heritage runs deep throughout its history, but what surprised us was just how eager the city is to support its burgeoning cultural scenes and subcultures. From an urban art gallery, to a craft brewery, via a thriving skate spot and sampling more than enough delicious local cuisine, we left the Catalonian capital with all of our travel quotas more than met.



Robert, the founder and owner of Base Elements, moved to Barcelona from San Diego 14 years ago. His aim was to build an art space that would act as a hub for artists, both gallery and street, and as a working studio, for artists to work in residence.

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Unbeknown to us as visitors, Barcelona has a long association with squats and self-governing communities. At any one time there may be 20-30 active squats both in and just outside of the city. Can Masdeu is one of the larger, and more permanent, squats who also invite locals to visit every Sunday.

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Of all the places we had a chance to sit, take a minute and just relax, this large square of flat, unobstructed concrete was one of the most enjoyable. MACBA is one of Europe’s most popular skate spots and a really great place to hang out with a couple of beers.

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Moritz Brewery sell beer all over the world, but if you visit the city from which it originates you’ll find a number of different beers that are only, and can only, be sold in the city in which it is made. Using both modern technology while preserving traditional ingredients, Moritz are a unique brewery.

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As well as being the most convenient way to get around the city, for locals and tourists, the number, variety and noise of the scooters in Barcelona is unmistakable. It is impossible not to start picking out your favourites.

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Here are just a few of the places in Barcelona that left an impression on us. Including a secret city tour, a proper absinth bar, and a view of the city from a mountain.

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Read about some of our experiences, behind the scenes as we explored Barcelona to produce edition #3 of Out Here.

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