Soak up the spectacular views of Barcelona city at the top of Tibidabo mountain. Accessible via a funicular railway line, there’s even a theme park located at the top if such things take your fancy. And for the more outdoors-inclined, there’s plenty of routes back down the mountain through woodland for the hikers and mountainbikers amongst you.


If MACBA Skate Spot reignited your passion for skateboarding and everything to do with it, then it’s worth knowing there’s a skate shop not too far away. Rufus Skateshop offers a space for customers to tighten their trucks or reapply their grip tape, as well as a healthy selection of decks, clothing, and everything else you can imagine.


If you’re coming to Barcelona, you have to eat tapas. And if you want some of the best tapas in the city, there’s no doubt you have to make a pit stop at La Bombeta. The highlight of our meal had to be the Bombas, deep-fried balls of potato and meat with a spicy sauce. And if seafood is your thing, the options are plentiful with both octopus and squid available.


There’s plenty of reasons to visit Base Elements gallery, and owner Robert Burt is definitely one of them. His knowledge on all of the urban artists that the gallery displays is vast, and his catalogue of unbelievable stories from his upbringing in LA, even vaster. This place should be a must-visit for both of these reasons and more.


We’d be lying if we said that our visit to Moritz Brewery was purely professional; anywhere that brews its own types of beer on site with a 25-meter long bar to sell it at has its a pulling power all of its own. Stop by the brewery itself and taste it before it even hits the supermarket shelves.


MACBA has fast become an internationally renowned skate spot, and it’s easy to see what draws skaters here. It’s not just the smooth edges and steps that are perfect to grind on – we wouldn’t know so much about that – but the atmosphere itself is worth setting aside a few hours of your day for. Pick up a cerveza or two and soak it all up.


There’s no more convenient way of getting round your new holiday destination than via scooters, and nothing that feels more befitting of a holiday either. Get yourself down to Green Electric Moto where the enthusiastic owner will tell you all you need to know about hiring his electric scooters, which even come with their own GPS self-guided tour.


As the name suggests, Absenta Bar is focused mainly on the highly alcoholic aniseed-flavored beverage. We’d like to you tell you all about it but due to sampling too many of the bar’s specialities our memory doesn’t serve us too well. Which is quite possibly a testament to the greatness of the bar, its appealing interior and the inevitable lure of that emerald green nectar.


There are few major cities in the world that have been blessed with beautiful beaches, but Barcelona is definitely one of them. Barcelona’s best beaches are just a ten minute walk from the city centre, and there are plenty of restaurants dotted along the seafront – although be careful of falling into the tourist trap of getting ripped off. And get there early if you want to snag a decent sunbathing spot.


Located in the San Antoni area, we dropped by Caravelle and sampled some of the cafe’s finest offerings which included coffee, brunch, and local apple juice. Touristy this place ain’t, instead it’s one of several cafes in the area that cater to a distinctly local hipster crowd – which might make you feel more at home.


This company offered an interesting twist on the traditional city tours. Instead of taking people round the usual tourist sites of Barcelona, they aimed to provide an alternative view of the city through artistic routes; revealing some of the more unknown secrets of the city through their infectious enthusiasm and never-ending knowledge.