We all woke up feeling slightly worse for wear this morning. It was Pro’s birthday, so when we arrived at Generator late the night before we thought it would be a perfect time to experience the nightlife of BCN as well as the . Naturally we had to dress for the occasion, so we went out and purchased brightly coloured sequin trilbies, flowered leis, Ray Beri’s and a I ‘heart’ BCN t-shirts. We quickly had to recover as we were meeting with Gemma ,from Secrets De Barcelona. It was great that we got to know some of the unknown secrets of the vibrant city. Gemma recommended a quaint local restaurant and we soon realised that there wasn’t a lot in the way of vegetarian options available for Jake.


We were up and at them early this morning as, thanks to Belle from Generator, we had an appointment with the Moritz brewery. Too early for a beer? Its never too early for a beer, especially when its straight from tank. Bewildered by chrome tankards and colourful malts, Pro found it particularly hard to resist the 7.2% pale lager Epidor, as he kept going back for more. On route back to Generator we happen to have stumble across Pride, the colours and costumes were hard to miss…especially the rather long rainbow caterpillar. Originally keen to make a feature myself and Jake heading into Las Ramblas on the hunt for transexual hookers. After a few enquiries and a ton of dodgy looks we gave up and grabbed a drink at a cool skate and surf bar Nevermind.


On a random one we decided to jump on the metro heading west and jumped off at the last stop, La Virreina. It was a slight change from the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas. The area consisted of large factory and wholesale industrial buildings. One particularly caught our eye as it was full floor to ceiling of lady mannequins…some even had nipple detail. We took a walk along the beach and bumped into some local small fisherman. You didn’t need to know too much Spanish to understand that luck wasn’t on their side today. In the evening we grabbed a few cans of beer, some weed and headed over to MACBA to chill and enjoy some skateboarding.


Feeling fresh we took a taxi to the top of Mount Tibadabo, one of the best views of the city. We had time to kill, before we to meet the guys at Can Masdeu, so Louis thought it would be a good idea that we took a “leisurely” stroll down the mountain and have enough time to spare for a spot of lunch. Fighting boar, dogs, mountain bikes and nature in general it was no surprise that we got lost and took, what felt like, forever to get down the mountain, leaving no time for lunch. We arrived at the Can Masdeu commune and the place and the people did not disappoint. After a tour of the main building and allotments we took some time to hang out with the residence. Louis even took part in a spot of skinny dipping before making an embarrassed exit.


We had heard that to really see the city of Barcelona you would need to hire a scooter. So myself and pro headed down and picked up two electric scooters…because we’re cautious of our carbon footprint of course. We put the scooters to the test, taking them to areas tourists were prohibited and even to places the bike was prohibited. Like the motorway for instance…you try not to shit yourself when you have a 18 ton truck behind you whilst you’re in the slow lane of a motorway doing only 60km on a 100km speed limit. We spent the afternoon soaking up some of the sun on the beach, which later followed with an evening of Absinth!


Myself and Jake took ourselves down to MACBA again this evening. It had to be our favourite spot in Barcelona. There was food, lights, music and of course skateboarding. One or two fights broke out but the atmosphere stayed the same and the participants would just kiss and make up. We could of spent hours there relaxing. At one point a large crowd of people gathered together and cheers and clapping devloped, louder and louder. Intrigued myself and Jake took ourselves down to see what the commotion was about. Anyone who skates and has been to MACBA knows of the infamous gap. We watched a young lad attempt a backside kick-flip 12-15 time. No matter how hard he hit the ground he wouldn’t give up and the ever increasing crowd wouldn’t either. He eventually landed the trick and the place erupted. Little did myself and Jake know that this lad was to go viral the next morning.