Another joy of exploring new cities that you can add to the list is sampling the local beer – or in this case, cerveza. There’s nothing more enjoyable than acquainting yourself with the most common tipple, buying it in bulk dirt cheap at the supermarket, going straight for a bottle of it at the bar as if it’s your usual and – for fear of sounding like a wanker – enjoying one as the sun goes down with perhaps a selection of olives.

The drink ends up defining your holiday, or at least acting as an olfactory reminder. And with most regions in most countries in the world producing their own brand, we’ll happily take it upon ourselves to begin to tackle every single one of them out there.

The people behind Moritz Brewery decided to take their passion for the yeasty beverage further than a simple sundown drink with olives. They decided to create a unique experience in a place of its own, by producing their own Moritz beer on-site in their micro-brewery and giving visitors the opportunity to experience and taste the beer themselves, all in an impressive architectural environment.

The craft beer movement is one that began in the states and has recently come to a head, pun intended, in cities worldwide. Creating the beer on a much smaller-scale production provides the ability to tailor the flavour into something much more interesting, using carefully selected malts, and hops, brewing the beer daily, and in Moritz’s case, keeping it unpasteurized. Craft beer gives customers more option and better taste. But Barcelona’s Moritz craft brewery has decided to go one step further than that, impressive beer alone is not enough. The original nineteenth century brewery has been restored and renovated by French architect Jean Nouvel. Copper brewing tanks are on show inside glass display cases beside domed, dimpled stone roofs, illuminated by a lighting system that’s been specially designed in order to pick up on the beautiful contrast between materials. On the outside, climbing plants cascade up and over the walls, while there’s a 25 metre-long tin bar inside for you to put your feet up if all that architecture – or let’s be honest here, beer – goes to your head.

It’s unlikely you’d ever before have considered hanging out in your local brewery, and that’s probably because your local brewery is something along the lines of Tetley’s. But Moritz Craft Brewery is a sophisticated bar and meeting spot, a restaurant and a gastronomic centre, a cultural and entertainment venue with a huge range of tapas, and did we mention, beer? It’s become a place to visit for all sorts of activities revolving around food, architecture, design and cold libations. Make your Barcelona beer of choice one that’s been brewed in a restored nineteenth century brewery, because you can’t say that about many beers you find on the shelves of the local supermercado.


Ronda de Sant Antoni


08001 Barcelona