Even over our short 7 day stay in the city, Barcelona left a deep impression on us. The people, the food, and the pace of life almost coaxed us into believing we were locals. It is easy to be led into the geographical heart of the city and the terrifying disorder of La Rambla, but if you manage to fight the current you’ll find pockets of peace and intrigue all over the city. The alleys, squares and streets of the El Gotic and El Raval to the east, Horta-Guinardo to the north, or Sans Monjuic to the south, you’ll find plenty of fascinating neighbourhoods and places to explore, each with their individual charm. However, the one thing that links all of these places, and people, within the city is the way to get from one to another; on scooters. Such is the variety in colour, shape, and size of scooter it is one of the first thing that strikes you about the city. Whether its a brand new Honda or a battered Piaggio scooters are the only way to explore the city, as a local or a tourist.