We arrived at Stansted Airport early to catch our flight which we almost missed due to the wait on our breakfast baps. As soon as we arrived we headed straight to Generator Copenhagen to unpack, have a quick power-nap and freshen up.

Once we felt sufficiently rejuvenated, we took to the streets to look around. Exploring the local neighbourhood we stumbled across an old traditional printers located in a basement shop on Holbergsgade. The owner was Mr.Jorgensun. Now 72, he has been in the printing business for over 50 years. He seemed happy for us to explore his shop so we squeezed through stacks of paper past old font types. The place appeared as if it hadn’t changed at all in a long while. We could see no computer or mobile phone. Instead we noticed an old typewriter and a simple landline phone. Mr.Jorgensun was using two machines when we were visiting. One dating back 35 years and the other 60 years. We also noticed some wooden, metal and linoleum stencils and fonts he uses. The place was cluttered with prints and artwork that Mr. Jorgensun had collected over the years from different customers.



We awoke at 8, in time for a Generator breakfast at 9. We left for Norreport Station, the closest station to Generator, to take the subway to Hellerup. The subway was noticeably comfortable and clean and reminded Jake of the train featured in the Hunger Games! Once in Hellerup we had a coffee at one of the local chains to perk us up for a walk around the residential areas. The architecture in Hellerup is extremely varied and there are a few embassies to see, including the Ghanaian Embassy. Later we went to Charlottenlund, where we walked through an attractive wooded area to get to Travbane to watch the races. We all made a bet on the last race, unfortunately, and to Pro’s disappointment, none of us were victorious. When the races were over we decided to take a walk along the nearby beach. In spite of the heavy rain it was a great end to our second day.



Another early start. This time to track down Wrenchmonkees, the custom motorbike store, located in an industrial part of Copenhagen, near Legravsparken Station. We had been excited about this visit in particular as the space looked amazing online. When we arrived we were met by Nicholas, one of the original founders of Wrenchmonkees. The store definitely lived up to our expectations and we really enjoyed the time we spent time there. After we left the store, we headed to Christiania (Freetown) where we were met by people in balaclavas patrolling the area. A daunting experience to say the least. Once inside Freetown, we stumbled upon around 20-30 marijuana stands, each covered in camouflage. We also came across what could only be described as a ‘hippy commune’ enjoying music, sun, beer and produce from the stalls we had only just passed! After a long day, we went for dinner at the highly recommended, Pate Pate.



Ever wanted an entire amusement park to yourself? Today we were fortunate enough to have exactly that at Tivoli Gardens. Well we weren’t totally by ourselves. We also had to share the park with some people from the media as it was the 100th birthday of one of Tivoli Garden’s rollercoasters. As we were only permitted to ride the ‘birthday rollercoaster’ once, we made a tactical decision to let everyone else have their go before ours so that we could enjoy the ride from the first carriage. After our go on the ride, we were lucky enough to be granted permission to climb the Big Coaster. We climbed our way to the top, despite the fact that none of us are particularly good with heights, and swiftly climbed back down after getting some footage of Copenhagen and the park below. We left the park to go back to Generator Copenhagen to attend the soft launch of petanque. One heated game of petanque and a keg of beer later, we went on the hunt for shish kebabs and falafels in Norreboro, the Shoreditch of CPH so we were told.


Naturally the day we chose to hire bikes, the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. Still, not letting that stop us, we pressed on and cycled to the Raddison Blu which apparently hosts some of the best views of Copenhagen. When we arrived, we confidently made our way past Security, past the Concierge, past Reception and into the lift, where we were met with a problem. We didn’t have the necessary key to operate the lift. We pleaded with the Concierge for access, however we were politely refused, so left the hotel with our tails between our legs. With that embarrassment over, we cycled to the famous Kastrup Baths. Spotting his chance to show off, Louis jumped into the sea from the highest point. Little did he realise that he would be jumping into the freezing waters of the Baltic Sea. Onlookers told us that we were crazy for jumping in the water, not that Louis needed telling at that point. We decided that today’s shenanigans called for an early night, we picked up some pizza from the local takeaway which we enjoyed in our room whilst watching The Trip starring Steve Coogan.



Feeling suitably refreshed from our early night the night before, we made plans to visit The Church of Our Saviour, go back to Christiania to buy some marijuana for a potential article and visit Chassis Arcades. Jake and Pro made their way to The Church of Our Saviour to take some photos of the city whilst Louis went back to Christiania to buy the marijuana and hash. After we had completed our respective tasks, we met up again and went back to the hotel to drop off the purchases. In the afternoon we visited Chassis Arcade where we were greeted and slightly taken back by a rather attractive Danish girl! Felt like a scene from Weird Science. Jake was on photo duty, so Pro and Louis took full advantage of being in an arcade. At 20p a go, it was impossible not to play every game in the arcade, including Area 51, pinball and the almost impossible and voted the hardest game ever made Donkey Kong. After our visit to Chassis Arcade, we wandered over to the Meat District which remains true to its name and houses several factories where meat packing takes place.



Today we got up early and made our way to Copenhagen Central Station to get a train to Lejre, in search of the ‘Land of Legends’. We got off the train at Lejre, which felt like the middle of nowhere, and found one supermarket in the entire place where we bought picnic supplies. With our picnic supplies in hand we began our walk to the Land of Legends. After what felt like a very long time, we arrived at the Land of Legends only to find out that it was a Re-Enactment Park and we had visited out of season. Disappointed, we settled down to our picnic by the Viking Canoe Pond. After lunch, and after Pro had tested out one of the canoes, we went back to the train station to get a train back to Copenhagen. Once back in Copenhagen, we went to meet Michael Lodberg Oslen, Founder of Illegal Magazine. Michael introduced us to a place called Vesterbro where we met an ‘off the wall’ Irish Immigrant who claimed to be a spy, privy to all the secrets of MI5 and MI6. Michael then took us to Mikkel Brewery for some refreshments. We were hoping to go to Bio Mio for dinner, however we were told to come back after 20 minutes, by which point the restaurant had closed. We therefore went to an Italian restaurant around the corner to reflect on our time in Copenhagen.