Smallville records are a primarily a record shop, selling and promoting local house and electronic musicians, but also acts as a label to a lot of the same artists. They have an amazing variety of house music and, if you’re into it, you can pick up a bargain. They also sell tons of great printed tees with the artwork of local illustrators and artists.



Jim Burrito has existed since 2008 and is situated on the border of St Pauli and Sternschanze. St Pauli in particular has a really nice atmosphere and Jim Burrito is one of several great restaurants in the area. It offers a solid but limited selection of burritos but you can mix and match with ingredients to suit your palette. It has a great choice for the non meat eaters, too.



In the UK we go bowling and Quasar, in Hamburg they go slot car racing or, to you and I, GIANT SCALEXTRIC. This massive indoor arena holds about 10 different racetracks, one even laid out like the famous Brands Hatch, each with 3 or 4 lanes. While we were there we encountered a childrens birthday party and an office night out. Something for everyone, then.



This place was a bit of a godsend for us. We realised that we needed some coloured card for one of the shoots (integral part of our kit now) and had to quickly find a supplier. We came across this place and spent way more time in there than we needed to. It has everything a good art supplier should have and more.



If you’re visiting Hamburg the likelihood is that you are aware of the infamous red light district and all that comes with it. We decided to check out one of the areas cabaret clubs and Queen Calavera was apparently the first cabaret club in Hamburg. Its a tiny venue – some well placed mirrors will trick you at first – and the stage is tiny but its a really fun show and not seedy at all.



To the north of the lively St Pauli you will find Hamburg University. Beyond that, amongst the wealthier looking Jewish neighbourhoods you’ll find Cafe Leonar. It has a slightly upmarket feel to it and the prices reflect that but nevertheless, you can get a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food aims to represent the breadth of the Jewish culture, including Russian and Middle Eastern influences, but you can still get a great bagel.



Allike is a high end streetwear and sneaker shop located on the edge of Altona, not far from the main river that runs through Hamburg. They have a really strong selection of sneakers and the minimalist vibe allows you plenty of space to try them on. The clothes they stock are high end brands such as Norse Projects so tend to be more expensive than I care to spend on such items. Great shop nevertheless and the staff are extremely helpful.



Hamburg’s port is central to the city’s, and the country’s, economy but it is not just the financial heart of the city but also the geographical heart. With so many canals, inlets, mini-ports, and bridges it is actually a stunning and vibrant part of the city and the easiest way to see it, and to get around, is the pedestrian ferry. Ferry 62 offers the best view of the city.